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Mechanical therapy was only prescribed for those patients whose motion had reached a plateau when treated with physical therapy alone. As an adjunct to outpatient physical therapy, patients were asked to perform six 10-minute bouts of end-range stretching per day with the ERMI Knee Extensionater, the ERMI Knee Extensionater is a device that increases passive knee extension through the use of a three-point bending system. A rigid frame is placed posterior to the patient’s lower extremity, with the patient’s heel placed in a contoured foam pad that discourages hip external rotation. An inflatable air cuff is then secured on the anterior aspect of the leg, proximal to the level of the patella. As the patient inflates the air cuff, the knee is moved to the end range of motion. Patients were instructed to inflate the air cuff until the point to where they feel they are recreating the intensity of the stretch that was provided by their physical therapist. ERMI Knee Extensionater was used as an adjunct to physical therapy for patients with knee flexion contractures

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