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Dr. Vishwas Virmani did his education and training at the Prestigious I.P.H. He worked at Holy Family Hospital. He did super specialization in Physiotherapy. He has been in private practice since 1997 having specialized in ‘SPINE‘.

Track RecordOrtho Neuro Physiotheraphy Clinic has an excellent track record of eliminating pain and increasing patients range of movement in many symptomatic and stress-related conditions. Dr Vishwas Virmani, B.P.T, M.P.Th., M.I.A.P has done specialisation in physiotheraphy. He was awarded for 6 Scientific Papers presented in Annual Conferences of Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

At present, he is working and writing a book – ‘Physiotherapy for Layman‘.

He has contributed to a number of research article in leading professionals journals and magazines. He frequently delivers lectures on Ergonomics at various institutes and offices.

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